PTO Board

2023-24 Board Members
Are you looking for ways to get involved in school activities? Volunteers are always needed, even if it's once a week, once a month or once a year. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

McFall Elementary
[email protected]
President: Kari VonItter
Vice President: Justine King
Treasurer: Anne Klute
Secretary: Maggie Isenhoff
Trustee: Holly Spurgess
Trustee: Kelly Kocsis

Lee Elementary
[email protected] 
President: Gina Ostien
Vice President: Sheena Nolin
Treasurer: Katherine Key Griswold
Secretary: Katie VanderBand
Trustee: Desirae Snyder
Trustee: Kat Mangione

Page Elementary
[email protected]
President: Sarah Hansen
Vice President: Dawn Graham
Treasurer: Kattie Bynski
Secretary: Sara Syswerda
Trustee: Michelle Root
Trustee: Rebecca Jansenvangalen

Executive PTO Board
[email protected]
President: Katherine Key Griswold
Vice President: Dawn Graham
Treasurer: Anne Klute
Secretary: Kari VonItter
Trustee: Gina Ostien
Trustee:  Sara Syswerda