We are excited to have your child enrolled in the Thornapple Kellogg School District. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you by transporting the most precious cargo we could ever carry. 

      Your child’s safety is our greatest concern. For the safety of all children, we have a One Stop One Drop policy. This means parents/guardians will identify a single location where you want your child dropped off at every day. The morning pick up location and the afternoon drop off location may be different locations, however, the schedule must be consistent with one pick up location and one drop off location. We do honor the policy for two household families. Each parent will be allowed one pick up and one drop off location. Therefore, our bus information will include “Address 1” and “Address 2” to accommodate those families. It is also important to note that students may only ride their assigned bus. This policy is in effect for all students at all grade levels. Please contact us if you have any questions.
      When school is scheduled for a half day session, we will allow your student to bus to TK Daycare as an alternate drop off location. We are only allowing this exception for TK Daycare and no other daycare providers. Your student must be registered with TK Daycare and arrangements must be made with the Building Secretary and the Transportation Office in advance of the half day schedule.
      ALL elementary students must have a parent/guardian present at the bus stop for the student to get off the bus, or a waiver must be signed. You may request a form from your bus driver and give it back to your child's driver or click here to print your own. Please email or fax all forms to 269-795-5544. Please keep in mind a new waiver is required for each school year. Thank you for helping us keep your student safe. 
     To establish or change your student's pick up or drop off location, please complete the following Transportation Information Form.
** Please note: We are currently in Phase 4 which requires students and drivers to use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask while riding the school bus. If anything changes, we will contact you.
If you will be moving, please note the following policy:
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must present proof of residency prior to any transportation arrangements and/or changes being made. No transportation requests will be honored until the school has the required documentation.
Once documentation has been received, the transportation department will be notified (by the building secretary) and provided with the new address and contact information for the parent(s)/guardian(s).  The transportation department will make contact with the family to arrange the new routes.

We look forward to serving your transportation needs! 
 Transportation Director: Chuck Walker
Transportation Secretary: Megan Sutterfield
3625 Bender Road
Phone: 269-795-5540
Fax: 269-795-5544
Please note: All requests must fall between the hours of 9:10 am and 2:05 pm. If this does not meet your needs, please contact your Building Administrator. Thank you.
To establish or change you student's pick up or drop off location, please click on the link above.