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Information for Parents

Parents of students who ride the bus:


WILL have the student ready and at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Late students running to the bus stop is not safe! The bus driver may not see the student running to the bus and the student may get hit by another vehicle or the bus as they cross the street and approach it.


WILL be at your “out of district” stop 10 minutes prior to pick-up and drop-off.


WILL provide the necessary protection and safety for the child to and from the bus stop. Bus stops cannot be at every driveway and children may need to walk a distance to their bus stop. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide whatever protection is necessary for their safety.


WILL monitor your child’s behavior at the bus stop. Please watch and make sure they do not stand any closer than 15 feet from the roadway. Students must respect other homeowner’s property-no littering, trespassing, foul language or excessive noise.


WILL call the Transportation Department in advance if your child(ren) will not be riding the bus for any reason. This is especially important if the bus can avoid a street or turn around if no pickup is necessary at your home.


WILL make arrangements to have someone home for young children after school. Make sure that the bus driver can tell that someone is home, like having the garage door open for instance, and make sure doors are unlocked so they can get into the house. If the bus driver can ascertain that no one is home, we will not let young children off the bus. We will bring the student to the bus garage if necessary until you call or pick up your child. We will make every effort to call your home and leave a message regarding where you can pick up your child.


WILL not allow your child to take any pets or insects on the bus. The bus driver will deny transportation to and from school if the student comes on the bus with a “critter”.


WILL accept joint responsibility with the school staff for proper conduct of your child. A student’s misbehavior can result in an accident or injury to themselves or others. In the event that a student misbehaves on the bus, the bus driver or supervisor will make every effort to contact the parent and discuss the violation. NOTE: A student may be suspended from riding their bus and will be suspended immediately for swearing, fighting, smoking, lighting  matches or lighters, having drugs, alcohol or weapons on the bus.  

WILL not allow students on buses with a lot of extra paraphernalia, i.e., radios, skateboards, snowboards, expensive toys. The school cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or broken toys or belongings. Large band instruments that cannot fit on their lap are not allowed. A student's belongings should not take up space needed to transport another student. Band instruments, backpacks and other objects are never allowed in the aisle. The aisle must remain open at all times.