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Congratulations to Charles (Chaz) Knorr! Chas was awarded our first TK Alumni Scholarship and he will attend Western Michigan University in the Fall of 2019. TKAA Trustee Don Williamson is shown presenting the award on behalf of the TKAA
Welcome to your Thornapple Kellogg Alumni Association, of Middleville, Michigan.
To support the Thornapple Kellogg District in encouraging and developing the positive potential of each student - past, present and future.
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Bulletin Board

Class of ‘66,

August 10, 2019, Kay Middleton Stolsonburg residence

Class of ‘09,

Your ten-year reunion will be October 5, 2019. Jane Linsea is helping with the planning of your event.

Class of ‘79

40th reunion is planned for September 28 at Yankee Springs Golf Course.

Contact Brenda Oosterhouse Ederer

Class of '74

45th reunion is tentatively planned for Saturday September 28, 2019 at The Riverdog in Middleville. Watch for updates on the Facebook page: Thornapple Kellogg Class of '74 Reunion

Please go to the EVENTS  tab and the TKAA FACEBOOK page to see Hi-Lights of the 2019 2nd Annual TKAA Golf Outing
Please go to the EVENTS tab to see Hi-Lights of the 2019 2nd Annual Spring ALL CLASS REUNION
Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, May 11, 2019, to help shine up Spirit Park! If you would like to purchase a brick and have it engraved here is the information: Call Ashlie McDiarmid, at TK. Operations, bus garage office She has the applications for the bricks and lettering. Ashlie’s phone - 269-795-5540
Kim Anders Bender ‘73 and Don Williamson ‘57 take turns with the power washer.
Kristine Selleck owner of Thornapple Floral in Middleville
Your TK Alumni shirts are now available at Thornapple Floral, 314 Arlington St. (M-37), Middleville, 269-795-3331! Graduation is coming soon along with Mother's Day and Father's Day. Stop by to purchase a shirt or other goods. Kris can help you with your gift ideas. If you want to order for out of town people, click the “send email” button on our TKAA Facebook page or email us directly at or
Please refer to the Price List under the GIVING BACK tab
Spring 2019
Your TK Alumni Association purchased an ad in the playbill. 
We are so proud of everyone involved in this year’s Spring Musical!
TK Grad Adam Holsted '93 Completes the Appalachian Trail Hike
Thornapple Kellogg Class of '74 Reunion

A reunion for the class of '74 is being planned for the weekend of SEPTEMBER 27th, 2019. Please share with friends from our class. 
Details will come later.

TK Family Lends Helping Hands
Retired teacher Joyce Domire said she has always thought of her Thornapple Kellogg co-workers and students as an extended family. That feeling was never more evident to her than after a recent slip on the ice that sent her to the hospital where she was met by the comforting and caring hands of many TK alum. Read this story about long time teacher JOYCE DOMIRE and how TK Alumni came through for her after a recent fall (copy and paste to your browser)
TK Alumni Association Float in the December 8, 2018 Middleville Christmas parade
Congratulations to the TK Alumni Association for being honored with the Community Partner Award by the Barry Community Foundation! This well-deserved honor goes to the TK alumni who have worked very hard in less than a year to fully establish this organization. The TKAA started with just $2,000 in 2016 and have since raised more than $17,000 and are fully endowed! The first TK Alumni Scholarship will be awarded this spring to a graduating senior as just one of the many ways the organization aims to continue to support TK Schools and students! CONGRATULATIONS TK ALUMNI ASSOCIATION! 
Your TK Alumni Association was the Grand Marshall at 2018 TK Homecoming 
    if you know of TK alumni who are serving overseas in the armed services, please contact Ethal at 269-793-7955 with names and addresses. Care packages will be sent during the holidays from the Wayland VFW post. Thank you!

    The Alumni Association is looking at possibly starting a newsletter, but are in hopes that we have someone in our 6000+ TK Alumni that has a background or enjoys writing / publishing, and would be willing to help us out. We are thinking this would start out as a Biannual or Quarterly Newsletter. There are many people that we have an email address for, but they do not use Facebook and we would like to be able to reach to them as well with our news and events.
If interested, please shoot us a message. This would not require you to attend meetings or join our board.

Also, we are looking for help with our Web-page. Anyone have interest in helping with that would be greatly appreciated. Remember, this is all on a voluntary basis and again, this would not require you to attend meetings or join our board.

Lastly, if you have any fundraising ideas, are interested in just helping at a fundraiser or any other event, please reach out to us. We would LOVE your help! Randy Eggers

Your TKAA Grand Marshalls
Homecoming Parade 9/14/2018
Your TKAA Website Committee is seeking TKHS alumni volunteers with experience in Web design to help us in our efforts to create a functional and visually pleasing site. If you are interested, please send us an email to Thank you  
509 W. Main Street. The sculpture by local artist and TKAA founding father, Don Williamson
Committees are being formed for 2019 events now. 

If you would like to join us or volunteer for an upcoming event, please contact us!
AUG 16,17

Middleville Heritage Days

Visit our booth and say hello 
SEP 27

TKHS Fall Homecoming

Alumni Tailgating & Distinguished Alumni Award



Hosted by your TKAA 
MAY  4


Hosted by your TKAA 
See the EVENTS page
for more past events

Spirit Park Bricks can still be purchased for Spirit Park by contacting Ashlee at the TK bus garage: 269-795-5540.