TK Shirts Travel the World

We have a new photo album on our Facebook page! “TK shirts travel the world”. Send us your pics from vacation/travel while wearing our iconic TK and we will add it to our Facebook collection.
Following are recent entries. Enjoy!
Posted May 2023
Grethe Lundin in her garden in Kokkendal Denmark which is just outside of Copenhagen.
She was an exchange student here in 1966. She lived with the Polhemus family. Thank you to her dear friend, Luana Tolan for getting this to us!
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Posted May 2023
Tim Chambers ’80, Richard Bass ‘81 and their beautiful wives in Rome, Italy.
March 2023
shirts 24
Posted 2023
Peggy Coldiron, class of 1977, on a mission trip to Kenya!
Shirts 23
Posted May 2023
Ross Sprague, Memorial Day weekend, at the Walleye tournament in Port Clinton, Ohio.
tk shirts 2022 #1
Posted August 2022
Karen Page Kennedy ‘76 and brother
Steve Page ‘79. Yellowstone National Park
Posted March 2022
Chris ‘75, Marty ‘82 and Beth ‘74 Boysen
Sanibel Island, Florida.
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Posted April 2022
Sue VanWiltenburg Mullan, Class of 1981
Brasstown Bald  Georgia
tk shirts c brinks 2022
Posted 2022
Christine Brinks Groen, Class of 1978, at Arches National Park  Feb 2,2022
tk shirts bob c
Posted 2022
Sighting in Florida! Feb 10, 2022
Bob Crans & David Blough on Sanibel Island
tk shirts 2-22           
Posted Feb 2022
Class of 1970
Rich Kunde, Freeport, MI
Fred Ainsworth, Winters in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Mike Hula, Las Vegas, NV
Laughlin, NV Feb 5, 2022
tk shirts m bailey 2022
Posted 2022
Maleah Louise Bailey ‘21 and her Grandma Meme
Gaye Marble Patterson ‘65, sunny Barlow Lake
tk shirts luann 2022
Posted 2022
LuAnn London Tandy Class of 1981 at Grand Canyon National Park Feb 4, 2022
tk shirts 2022 merry jo
Posted 2022
Florida Keys with Merry Jo Biggs, Class of ‘81 Feb 5, 2022
tk shirts denise
Posted 2022
Denise Enyart Chamberlin - Class of 1981 - Feb 2022 Key West FL
tk shirts del 2022
Posted 2022
Del Craven ‘90 showing off his TK wear (Location?) Feb 8, 2022
shirts 25
Posted 2021
The Page siblings meet up in Encinitas, CA! (Front) Randi ‘69, Karen ‘76
(Back) Steve ‘79, Terry ‘67 and Tom ‘72.
shirts 24
Posted 2021
Wanita Craven Huizenga ‘77 and husband Bob
shirts 21
Posted 2020
Amy Saizan ‘77, Amanda Osborne ‘94, Ben Osborne ‘97 and Jane Osborne ‘69
At DisneyWorld
shirts 22
Posted 2020
North Shore of Oahu. Rodney Eggers '84, Valerie Eggers Satterfield '90), Randy Eggers '80), Bob Satterfield '94
How did that Scot sneak in there!?
shirts 20
Posted 2020
Troy Thomson, although he didn't attend TK, he and his buddies golf in our TK Alumni outing. They contribute to our scholarship and even bought alumni shirts! Thanks for your support Troy! See you June 6th, 2020 at Mullenhurst⛳️
TK Shirts 19
Posted 2019
Merry Jo Biggs '81 (TKAA trustee) Marathon Keys Florida 
TK Shirts 18
Posted 2019
Tim Chambers Class of 1980 and Richard Bass (missing an Alumni shirt) Class of 1982 in Edinburgh Scotland
TK Shirts 17
Posted 2019
Brian Willshire ‘83, Stacey Williamson Willshire ‘85 and Scott McKeown ‘73 spent some time hiking the Grand Canyon🧡🖤
TK shirts 16
Posted 2019
Mike '98 and Rebecca (Ulrich) Thompson '00 at Fours Corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado & Utah!
Posted 2019
Ross Sprague '88, Rojean Sprague, current TK teacher, and Moriah Sprague, current TKHS student...visited Ohio Reformatory, a 130 year old prison where movies, like Shawshank Redemption, and others have been filmed.
Posted 2019
Keith & Cindy Riva Middlebush ‘78 visited PAGE GALLERY in Camden, Maine. Colin Page is the son of Terry ‘67 and the grandson of the late Gerald and Lois Page.
Posted 2019
Steven D Crum '75 at Willow Run Airport Yankee Air Museum, WWll B-25 Bomber! 
Posted 2019
Chris Gosset '86 and Mary Hesseltine Gosset '97
Sherwood Forest in Edwinstowe England.
Posted 2019
Wanita Craven Huizenga '77 at Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada
Posted in 2019
Bob Crans '65 and David Blough '65 at the 2019 Indy 500
Posted 2019
Jim McDiarmid '75
Cherokee Trading Post, Oklahoma
Posted 2019
Tammy Lambert (McCulligh) '90 
Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky
posted 2019
Barb Johnson Smith '77 and husband Ron in Fort Bragg, NC
Posted April 2019
Gail Williams "69
Killarney, Ireland
Posted April 2019
Thomas Page '72 and Alana Gragg Cowan "71
Largs, Scotland
Posted April 2019
Julia Willette Scott, Class of 1960 in Oceanside, CA 
Posted 2019
Amanda Osborne Riddle ‘94 is at Harbour Town on Hilton Head
Posted April 2019
Tiffiny Middleton Ogle, Class of 1996 and daughter Carli, Class of 2027 at the Willis Tower in Chicago
Posted April 2019
Steve Egleston, Class of 1988 at the RatHause, in Hamburg, Germany
Posted March 2019
2009 TK Grad Courtney (England) Irvine and her husband Evan at Osaka Castle in Osaka Japan.
Courtney is a teacher in Tokyo
Posted 2019
Gary Pratt, Class of 1965 Lima, Peru
Posted 2019
Gary Pratt '65 in Ecuador
Posted 2019
Michigan's UP Mark and Carolyn (Buehler) Harris
Class of 1978 & ‘79
TK travels to the Grand Canyon!
Doug Ybema, Julie Rosenberg Ybema, Sherri & Steve Rosenberg, Classes of 1980 & 85
Our TK Alumni shirt is celebrating Thanksgiving in Kansas with Mark Harris ‘78, Carol Buehler Harris ‘79 and family
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TK Grad Adam Holsted '93 Completes the Appalachian Trail Hike
2020 vanelst
Posted 2020
TK Alumni Dave VanElst '66 and son Jason '96.