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Brussel Sprouts!
The students in TK schools tried Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts from Tantre Farms in Ann Arbor MI on Nov 1st!  We took student surveys after our taste testing, and found that 83% of students surveyed LIKED the Brussel Sprouts and would try them again!
TK Food Service does more than just serve breakfast and lunch!  Did you know that we also cater?  Check out the fun we had on this half day!
Pumpkin Pie Smoothies!
Nothing says fall quite like pumpkin!  Try a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie at the Middle School or High School during lunch today!  
Garden Club
Yesterday was our first Garden Club cooking class of the year.  We started our meeting out in the muddy school garden, picking tomatoes and basil for our class.  The students made a Caprese Salad, and even made their own balsamic reduction!
root veg hash
Join us tomorrow for locally grown Michigan Beet Root Vegetable Hash!  This colorful dish incorporates Mighigan grown beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabega, and onion.  Served in every building!
Root vegetable Hash
Mark your calendars!  October 11th and October 19th in all of our buildings!
- Our October local feature is Michigan grown Beets - mixed with Sweet Potato, Carrots, Rutabaga and a generous seasoning mixture make this perfect fall side dish a beautiful magenta color!
Easter Egg Radish
What's for lunch? Today staff and students tried Michigan grown Easter Radishes on the serving line, and an adult salad feature with Michigan grown Easter Radishes, Michigan Apples, red onions, spinach, walnuts and a poppy seed dressing, yum!
caprese salad
Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad - It's what's for lunch!  In addition to having this item featured this week on our adult lunch choices, we also made up this gorgeous salad into samples for our students here TKMS!  TK Food Service strives to procure locally when possible, and use the freshest most flavorful ingredients available!
Feed your melon
 Breakfast in Schools: Healthy & Nutritious. Kids benefit from starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Research shows that kids who eat breakfast regularly tend to be more alert in school, and, therefore, are able to learn better. They also are less likely to be overweight than kids who skip breakfast regularly.
Buy American
Here at TK Schools, purchasing local foods is extremely important to us.  When sourcing our products for breakfast, lunch, and a la carte,, we first and foremost look at products grown and manufactured locally!