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TKHS to Host Graduation Ceremonies May 26

Thornapple Kellogg High School Class of 2022 will graduate May 26. The ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. in Bob White Stadium, weather permitting, and be moved into the large gymnasium if necessary.

Students Create Super “Sweet” Art Projects

Lee students rolled up their sleeves as they prepared for the day’s art project. But they didn’t need paint brushes, paints or markers. Instead they used measuring cups, rollers and frosting bags. They cracked eggs, measured flour and sugar and other ingredients, squeezed brightly-colored frosting from bags and rolled out fondant to make one-of-a-kind masterpiece cupcakes complimenting their class-themed multi-layer cake.

TKHS Students Use English Project to Thank Veterans

Some lucky area veterans received cute cards of thanks and appreciation from TK students. “I have a lot of veterans in my family and I just wanted to raise awareness and help younger students understand and appreciate what they‘ve done for us. I wanted them to know who veterans are and why they are important,” said Katie Burkhead who along with Morgan Hoffman organized the project.

TK Names Top 10 Academic Students in Class of 2022

Thornapple Kellogg High School has announced the Top 10 academic students in the Class of 2022. These students are (in alphabetical order) Amanda Bond, Heidi Church, Evan Fabiano, Robert Holler Jr., Rachel MacKellar, Ryan MacKellar, Abigail Marcukaitis, Mieka McCormick, Matthew Middleton, and Drew Nathan.

Virtual Reality Opens the World to Students

Madilyn Vandenboss and Memphis Miranda-Wells didn’t feel like they were in their Thornapple Kellogg Middle School classroom any longer. Instead, they were transported to a Japanese garden filled with vivid pink and white cherry blossoms all around and above them.

Two Distinguished TK Alumni Honored

An important mission of the TK Alumni Association is to recognize and honor distinguished alumni. Two more alumni were honored at the 2022 spring alumni banquet. Conrad Beeler, Class of 1942, and Robert “Bob” Williams, Class of 1957, were both honored as this year’s distinguished alumni at the banquet. Each received a plaque, alumni t-shirt, and a congratulatory round of applause from everyone.

Seventy-Five Years of TK Alumni Gather for Reunion Banquet

Seventy-five years was the span between the oldest TK alumni and the youngest attending the annual TK Alumni Association dinner May 7 at the Thornapple Kellogg Middle School. Conrad Beeler represented the Class of 1942 and Drew DeHaven came from the Class of 2017 - 75 years later. About 100 alumni from all the years in between gathered for the evening to reminisce, reacquaint and enjoy the camaraderie of being a TK Alumni.
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