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Kindergarten Students Learn About Saving

Paying for their educational needs is expensive. But there is a program called KickStart to Careers aimed at helping families begin planning for the future.

KickStart is a program created in cooperation with the Barry Community Foundation, Hastings City Bank and the Barry County Schools to help kindergarten students in Barry County save funds for future educational needs.

The program gives each kindergarten student a savings account and makes the first deposit of $50. Family and friends can donate to the account at any time to help save for future educational costs. The account is held in trust by the Barry Community Foundation.

In addition to helping students invest in their future, the program also introduces the concept of savings and teaches families the importance of financial planning.

Representatives from Hastings City Bank visited McFall Elementary recently to talk to kindergarten students about the importance of saving money and spending money wisely. They also gave each student their own piggy bank to encourage saving even at this early age.

The program was started in conjunction with the DeCamp Family Foundation which donated the first three years of deposits into accounts for all kindergarten students enrolled at DK, TK, Maple Valley, Woodland, Hastings, St. Rose and Barry County Christian schools.

The funds in the account can be used for any type of training, apprenticeships, licenses, trade school or college.

The bank representatives read books to the students about saving money and the best places to keep their money safe. They also talked with students about making good choices with their money and presented the McFall Library with a book.