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Kindergarten Students Learn Snow Safety

B.J. Donnini reminded students that even though the big snowplow trucks are sometimes fun to watch as they come down the road, children should give them plenty of space and make sure they are well away from the road. He said chunks of snow and ice from the snowplows can be thrown into the yards and could hurt a child if struck.

He also reminded students never to play in snowdrifts along the road where a truck or any other vehicle might not see them.

While waiting for the school bus in the winter, students should especially be careful to stay far back from the road especially if they see a snowplow truck coming.

“These are big trucks and we can’t always see you and we can’t stop very fast,” said Donnini.

He showed students a short video produced by a northern Michigan road commission and then took students out to see the truck and plow.

“We don’t want anyone to get hurt,” he said. “So be careful when you play in the snow and stay away from the road.”