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TK Homecoming is a Hot Success

It was undoubtedly one of the hottest homecoming events in school history.
With a Hollywood theme, it may have seemed like everyone was actually in Hollywood rather than Michigan.
While young students in their orange and black t-shirts scrambled to collect all the candy thrown from parade participants, parents generally tried to find some shade and relief from the sun. 
The heat forced some changes to the weekend plans - the band wore t-shirts and shorts rather than their hot uniforms and the football team took mandated water breaks during the game.
But the biggest change of all came for Saturday's homecoming dance. Planned to be held in the large gymnasium, school officials quickly realized it was simply too dangerous with the heat. Mid-afternoon on Saturday, the heat index in the gym was already 99 degrees - without the anticipated 800 students adding their own heat to the space.
High school principal Tony Petersen said he consulted with student council members and discussed options - either postpone the dance or move it outside to the football field.
Student council members worked many hours decorating the gym for the big dance complete with a red carpet to go with the Hollywood theme. There were white lights setting a perfect mood for the dance, but ultimately everyone agreed the best thing to do would be to move it outside. 
Students still had to enter through the athletic lobby and make their way along the red carpet and through the gym so they could experience the atmosphere created. They then made their way out to the football stadium where the DJ was set up on the home side of the field.
Booster parents moved their concessions from inside to the stadium concession stand and volunteer chaperones were stationed throughout the stadium to keep a watchful eye on activities.
It turned out to be a very well attended and successful dance with students appreciating being able to have the dance.