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New Faces Join TK Family as Enrollment Grows

 "We've never seen the kind of changes we have here this year. We have 21 new teachers. I've never seen anything remotely like that here before," said Superintendent Tom Enslen. "Our enrollment is through the roof and we're busting at the seams."

An additional kindergarten class was added late in the summer because of increasing enrollment numbers. That moved a preschool classroom from McFall to the Learning Center in a room that was being prepared to house the new community senior center and programs. Instead, the senior center will be moved to an available room in the high school.

Enslen said it's quite an achievement in years when public school enrollment in many districts across the state has been declining and the state's birth rates are the lowest they've been since the 1950s.

"We are very fortunate to be in a very healthy school district. People want to be here. They love you (teachers and staff) and they love this school district."

TK Board of Education President Don Haney also welcomed everyone to the new year.

"One of the noblest of professions is teaching. You all play a vital role in helping raise young kids to be productive members of society. I've never been more optimistic about our youth and their education," said Haney.

Enslen said this year includes 21 new teachers, 13 new support staff, 19 people taking new internal positions. He also said he's been in the district for 17 years and 34 years total in education, but that this is his last year.

"I don't know how to feel. This is my last year. I'm very excited about it, but it's hard to imagine life beyond education."

The number of new personnel is a combination of filling spots vacated by retirement and resignations as well as adding positions. There have also been numerous internal employment shifts.

New Teaching Staff

Annie Bosch - Early Childhood Special Education/Lee Resource

Teigan Mitcham - Young Fives

Jacob Bultema - Kindergarten

 Lindsey Murray - Kindergarten

 Sarah Hartman - 1st Grade

 Nate Poll - 1st Grade

 Courtney VanLaare - McFall Speech Pathologist

 Katie Marsh - 2nd Grade

 Ashley Fandel - 3rd Grade

 Katrina Deters - Lee & Page Music

 Christopher Cole - Middle School Math & Science

 Scott Aldrich - High School English

Melissa Doran - High School Spanish

 Erin Lewis - High School Science

 Rob Rostar - High School Resource Room

 David Salminen - High School Social Studies

 Jessie Schuett - High School Resource Room

Melissa Thaler - Middle School Health/High School PE

Katie VanOpstall - High School Math & Science

 Molly Zemaitis - Speech Pathologist

Sarah Hammer - Special Education Director

New Support Staff

Tammie Burbridge - McFall Paraeducator

Lyndsey Carpenter - McFall Interventionist

 Jenny Carpenter - McFall Special Education Paraeducator

 Michelle Harring - Lee Interventionist

 Amanda Jonker - Lee Interventionist

 Keri Bufka - Page Office Monitor

 Jennifer Kolhoff - Page Interpreter

 Karen Raphael - Middle School Counseling Secretary

 Janelle Bailey - High School Food Service

Sarah Middleton - High School Attendance Secretary

 Gary White - K-8 Maintenance

Matthew Lineback - Bus Driver

Carly Potts - Bus Driver


Arva VanderPloeg - Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Barb Crawford - Early Childhood Special Education Para.

 Kay Griffith - Kindergarten Teacher

Judy Fletke - Lee Elementary Paraeducator

 Eric Proseus - Elementary Music Teacher

 Terrie McClure - Page Office Monitor

 Brian Willshire - Middle School Counselor

 Gary Yoder - K-8 Maintenance

Beth Ploeg - High School Counseling Office Secretary

 Joyce Blood - District Technology



 Molly Anderson - 1st Grade Teacher

Casey Williams - McFall Speech Pathologist

 Michelle Tuokkola - McFall Paraeducator

Taryn Fritz - Page Special Education Paraeducator

Mike Munjoy - Page Custodian

Dawn Haveman - Middle School Food Service

 Heidi Alvesteffer - Middle School Interventionist

Abby Kanitz - High School Biology Teacher

Shasta Crabb - High School Resource Room Teacher

Meagan Allison - High School Interventionist

 Dawn Zondervan - District Speech Pathologist

 Jordan Day - Bus Driver

 Mari Price - Special Education Director


Internal Shifts in Job Assignments:

Miranda Baranek from  2nd Grade Teacher to Early Childhood Spec. Educ.

Marnie Lambitz from  1st Grade Teacher  to K-5 At Risk Teacher

Martha Thorne from Middle School English to Middle School Science

Luann Schnur from Middle School Science to Middle School Math

Lindsey Baxter from High School English to Middle School English

Aaron Eding from High School Spanish to  High School English

Mark Verlinde from High School Social Studies to Alternative Education

Steve Guikema from M.S. Student Support  to Middle School Counselor

Lyndsey Fischer from M.S./H.S. Teacher to Middle School Asst. Principal

Amy Wandrie from McFall Paraeducator to McFall Librarian

Lisa Kitzrow from Lee Interventionist to Daycare Director

Cathy Moore from Page Paraeducator  to ECSE Paraeducator

Shannon Heynig  from  McFall Cleaner  to Page Custodian

Laura Munjoy from middle school  counseling secretary to  Community Enrichment Secretary

Dawn Humphrey from high school  attendance secretary to  high school Counseling Secretary

Andrew Reeder from Alternative Education Paraprofessional to high school  interventionist

Trisha Brown from high school food service to McFall food service

Lisa Finkbeiner from operations secretary to technology support

Ashlee McDiarmid from high school cleaner to operations secretary

Service Awards

30 Years

Marla Bierens

Mary Francisco

Andy Kopf

20 Years

George Dudik

Randy Fryling

Barb Hodgson

Sandy Kilmartin

Shannon See

Marilyn Whitney

Sam Wilkinson

10 Years

Molly Bumstead

Kim Dannenberg

Krissta Hannapel

Marnie Lambitz

Bonnie McBride

Lindsey Meredith

Suzanne Thomas

Megan Wonders.