Thornapple Kellogg School District

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Schools Plan Fun Days for Spirit Week

The fun-filled days give students and staff a chance to show their school spirit.
Special dress up days are planned starting Monday at all schools. There are some differences among the schools with the exception of Friday - which will be black and orange TK Pride day.
At McFall and Lee, students will participate in beach day Monday, hat or tiara day Tuesday, Fancy day Wednesday, PJ day Thursday, and TK Spirit day Friday.
Page students have a slightly different schedule with Monday as beach day, Tuesday at hat or tiara day, Wednesday as farmer or Paul Bunyan day, Thursday as Fancy day and Friday as TK Spirit day.
The high school and middle school will also have specials all week. They start with beach day Monday, hat and tiara day Tuesday, farmer and Paul Bunyan day Wednesday, twin day Thursday, and TK spirit day Friday.
Get in the TK Spirit and join in the fun!