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Community Forum Explores Possibility of Middleville Sports Complex

 About 60 members of the public attended and listened as an enthusiastic Enslen told them the school owns the land, but what goes there and who pays for it is up to the public to decide.

“The property is across the street from Page Elementary, sort of adjacent,” Enslen said. “It's a full 80-acre parcel.”

Enslen said the schools would retain ownership of the land, but the public would be allowed to pay for and build any kind of facility they wanted. Suggestions floated during over an hour of public discussion included a skateboard park, baseball diamonds, a pool, tennis courts, a football field, a technology center and dozens of other interesting ideas.

“We're daydreaming,” said David Martin, senior architect for the firm Kingscott. Martin presented detailed plans for some of the various potential uses of the land. Enslen said the public would have to work together to find grants, do fundraising, and brainstorm unique ways to generate the massive amount of money that will be necessary to make all the big dreams come true.

“We've got the land,” Enslen said. “If you want it, then develop it, and maintain it. I'm not telling you what to do.”

Enslen encouraged residents to contact him if they have any ideas or want to help.