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KickStart to Career Open House Rescheduled for Feb. 2

 During that time, a light dinner will be provided as well as information about the program and each child's individual savings account already being set up for them through the Barry Community Foundation.

The KickStart to Career program is funded by the DeCamp Family Foundation. Their goal is to get students and families to start saving for higher education costs as soon as a youngster enters school. Each kindergarten student in Barry County is being set up with a savings account and $50 to get it started.

Just for attending the open house Wednesday, an additional $5 will be added to the account.

Parents will be able to ask questions about how the program works from representatives with the Barry Community Foundation.  Parents will also receive their child's personalized program folder containing account numbers and additional information about savings.

The program has opened 700 accounts and counting so far this year.  With funding from the DeCamp Family Foundation, the program is ensured to continue for future generations.

Anyone unable to attend the open house at McFall may attend a Feb. 3 event at the Barry Community Enrichment Center in Hastings. For more information, contact the Barry Community Foundation at 269-945-0526.