Reading Celebration Filled with Awards, Honors and GOOP!

Page students filled the high school auditorium for the final celebration and Battle of the Books contest Wednesday afternoon. The 20 classroom Battle of the Books champions competed on stage for the top honors for the school. Much like a spelling bee format, each student took their turn answering a detailed question about one of the books they read. A correct answer moved them on to the next round. 

After five rounds, fifth-grader Lucy Damico outlasted the rest of the competition to earn the champion title. Two rounds later, fifth-grade classmate Nora Wiswell was crowned the reserve champion for the school. 

Other classroom champions competing were Ivy Young, Dutch Workman, CJ Culhane, Tytan Bennett, Brody Witt, Ellison Skiba, Nora McKeown, Ava Hartman, Gabby Dykhouse, Kaydence Morris, Jacob McRoy, Luke Riley, Charlie Teunessen, Aidan Lilly, Baylie Jarvis, Gabby Wilson, Mallory Thorington, and Adeline DeDoe.

Page Principal Gregg Bruno announced that in total, students at Page read 899 books and that 269 students read at least two books during the month. The top classrooms were Mrs. Selewski’s classroom with students reading 93 books and Mrs. Bosworth’s class, reading 55 books. 

There were also four students recognized as top readers for the month. Each of these students read at least all of the books on the reading list for their grade level during March. Those students were Jace Vadeboncoeur, Koko Vandermeer, Dutch Workman and Bryn Mosey.

After all the student awards were announced, Principal Bruno and fourth-grade teacher Lindsay Ebeling, got ready for the final celebration. While each of them knelt within a small wading pool, student names were drawn to see who would get to “GOOP” their teacher and principal.  Students poured jelly, ketchup, slime, juice, feathers and paper shreds over the heads of Ebeling and Bruno leaving them sticky, wet and covered with goop!

Students roared with laughter and applause as they celebrated their accomplishments during reading month!