McFall Students Meet Out-of-this-World Reading Month Challenge

We had such a great time with our March Reading Month activities! We absolutely smashed our March Reading Month challenge, and as a result, McFall students and staff were awarded with an out-of-this-world magic show from Cameron Zvara - it was amazing!” said McFall Principal Jon Washburn. 

Zvara is the creator and host of BrainBreak Academy. He is also a professional magician and performed two live shows for McFall students Tuesday. Many McFall students were already acquainted with Zvara as teachers use his BrainBreak videos in their classrooms. Meeting him in person and watching him perform his magic tricks was like meeting a celebrity for many of the students.

BrainBreak Academy is an online resource filled with videos that help students take a quick brain break. The 3–5-minute videos help students focus, relax, and energize in interactive games. Zvara, who lives near Lansing, tours the world with his shows and offered the perfect reading reward for a truly out-of-this-world month of reading for McFall students.

Washburn said reading month is always an important and fun month at McFall where students love learning and growing in reading.