TAEF Grant Supplies History Tools for 8th Graders

Teacher Leah Smith said the grant enabled teachers to purchase U.S. History atlases and corresponding materials that bring a hands-on feature to U.S. history. 

“We are already seeing positive effects in both student engagement and test scores demonstrating the effectiveness of using the atlas of US history as a learning tool. It's a testament to the value of hands-on, interactive approaches to education, particularly in subjects like history where visualization and contextual understanding play crucial roles,” said Smith in follow-up information about her grant.


She said using an atlas of American history offers visual learning through maps, timelines and interactive features. The combination of these pieces allows for a wider and total understanding of U.S. history and how events unfolded. 


She said these materials also encourage students to analyze data and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students also gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse cultures and peoples that have contributed to the nation’s story.