McFall Students Celebrate 100th Day!

Although the milestone day was pushed back by several days due to January’s onslaught of winter snow days, it didn’t put a damper on the celebration today. In each classroom students engaged in a variety of special activities to celebrate the day. 

Stacking 100 plastic cups was a favorite challenge. Others put together 100-piece puzzles, threaded 100-bead necklaces and even built structures using 100 toothpicks and marshmallows. They skipped, sang, jumped, bounced and enjoyed counting to 100 along the way.

Students also brought in 100 items to show exactly what 100 pieces of cereal, toothpicks, cotton balls, candy pieces or seeds look like when grouped together.

Some students dressed up for the day pretending to be 100 years old. Donning glasses, gray or white wigs, and suspenders they used canes to make their way to classrooms.  Others made special t-shirts to wear for the day proudly proclaiming they are “100 Days Smarter,” “100 Days Brighter,” or “I Made it to 100 Day” with the “I” made out of two googly eyes. 

In one class, students created a picture of what they may look like when they are 100 years old and wrote about what they will be doing then. One student wrote, “One day I will be 100 years old! My favorite food will be soup. When I go out with my friends we will go to dinner. I will live in my grandkids home and spend my free time with my grandkids.”

Happy 100th Day!