TK Robotics Teams Head to First Contest

Two high school teams will compete. Team members have been working on building and programming their robots to complete a series of tasks. Anyone wanting to follow the competition can download the VexVia app and watch for the TK teams named 11986M and 11986W. 

Members of the all-women’s team include Josie DeBoer, Shelby Robinett and Kendra Coe. The other team competing this weekend is the team of Jacob Newland and Bailey Kennedy. Other team members include Austin Hansford, and Cole Thompson. 

The team is also scheduled to compete Feb. 10 at West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Middle school students had their competition canceled due to the wintry weather earlier this month. Team members include Emily Coe, Parker Haveman, Henry Poll and Scott Spicer.

The team has been especially appreciative this year for the competition field donated by Bradford White Corp. The field allows teams to set up contests exactly as they’ll see at the competition and test their robots to fix trouble spots before the contest. 


The high school and middle school teams are coached by Alex Robinson and Bob Kaminski.