Numbers, Numbers Everywhere!

Since January, Reese and other first graders have been practicing writing their numbers in order with each sheet of paper adding another 100. Reese’s roll goes all the way to 10,000!

“I kind of like math I guess,” said Reese. “I didn’t know I would get this far.”

She would write up to three pages a day at first and then as she got closer to the 10,000 mark she wrote even more.

“I didn’t get tired of it. It was just kind of fun,” she said. 

Her teacher, Melissa Proehl, said she was impressed. The goal for every student was to write up to at least 120. Most went well beyond that. 

“They could work on it during free choice time or if they got their other work done,” said Proehl. “This is my first year teaching and this is definitely more than I thought anyone would do.”

There were several other students in her class who reached 3,000-5,000, but no one was close to 10,000.

Reese said she was happy she did the work and is glad she gets to take her scroll of numbers home as a souvenir from first grade.