TKHS Students Excel with State MITES Projects

Projects receiving successful ratings at the regional level advanced to the state competition. TKHS students submitted a total of 62 architectural drawing, mechanical drawing and open class projects at the state level and of those projects, 11 finished with a third or higher place rating in the state.

The TK woods program also gained success with 17 projects sent to the state competition with five earning placings in the top three in their divisions.

TKHS senior Hope Vander Heide won a Divisional Grand Award in the mechanical drawing competition.  Her first-place project was judged among all other first-place drawings and was deemed the best in the entire competition. In all, Vander Heide won three first place honors, one second place, and two third place honors as well as the Divisional Grand Award and a first place in the live MITES competition. 

Students competing at the state MITES in architectural drawing were:

Ailana Leos, 4th, 4th and 9th

Emma Guekes, 3rd, 4th, and 8th

Skylyr Davis-Dunn, 3rd and 6th 

Amelia Schultz, 5th and 10th 

Jacob Chapman, 10th

Andrew Middleton, Honorable Mention

Corbin Allerding, 2nd

Ryann Hautau, 4th and 6th 

Students competing at the state MITES in mechanical drawing were:

Nathan Koester, Honorable Mention

Seth Mahler, 6th

Justin Goggins, 5th

Hope Vander Heide, Divisional Grand Award, 1st Live Competition, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd

Anna Davis, 1st

Emily Veenstra, Honorable Mention

Zuzana Kosova, 4th and 7th 

Students competing at the state MITES in the open class engineering and design:

Owen Forbes, 3rd and 5th

Students competing at the state MITES in the woodworking category:

Caden Straight, Honorable Mention and 6th 

Bryce Cooper, 5th

Skylyr Davis-Dunn, 1st and 7th

Nolan Rose, 5th

Lucas Van Meter, 10th

Grace and Josie Melvin, 1st

Dylan Welton, Honorable Mention

Hunter Cisler, 3rd

Austin Pitsch, 1st

TJ Meyers, 2nd

Dylan Bailey, Honorable Mention

Diego Garcia, 9th

Seth Mahler, Honorable Mention

Adam Gunnink, 10th

Ashton Nichols, Honorable Mention 

The mechanical drawing and architectural drawing classes are taught by Scott Meyers and the woods program is taught by Matt Melvin.

The Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society (MITES) was established in 1928. It is a professional organization of industrial technology, technology education, and career technical education (CTE) educators whose purpose is the development of industrial and technology education at all levels of private and public education.

MITES focuses on the industrial technology, technology, and career technical education of the youth of Michigan and the professional development of industrial and technology education personnel and curriculum.