TKMS to Perform Musical “Newsies Jr.”

The musical is a shortened version of the 2012 Broadway musical based on the 1992 film. It is inspired by the true story of newsboys in turn-of-the-century New York City. When newspaper publishers raise prices at the newsboys’ expense, the newsies rally together to strike against the unfair conditions. 


The cast is led by Alex Evans as Jack Kelly, who rallies the newsies across the city with the help of his sidekicks, especially Erin Kridler as Crutchie and Emma Johnson as Davey. The newsies are helped by an up-and-coming reporter Katherine, played by Morgan Boersma.


The musical is directed by TK music teacher Laura Oprea.


Cast Members Include:

Jack Kelly: Alex Evans

Crutchie: Erin Kridler

Katherine Plumber: Morgan Boersma

Davey: Emma Johnson

Les: Josie Raphael

Medda Larkin: Piper Faasen

Spot Conlon: Anthony Sager Wissner


Race: Brendan Stockwell

Albert: Colin Tenwalde

Muriel: Lilee Grinnell

Nancy: Peyton Hardy

Specs: Terrence Gentz

Pigtails: Lizbeth Lopez Tapia

Hazel: Amellia Williams

Buttons: Charlotte Riffel

Tommy: Aleena Slomp

Romeo: Noah Nieboer

JoJo: Erin Clay

Scab 1:Trinity Ring 

Scab 2: Addison Petersen

Scab 3: Ave Branch

Bowery Brigade:

Ada: Keionna Lewis

Olive: Emery Cisler

Ethel: Maddie Rose

Morris Delancey: Adam McLaughlin

Oscar Delancey: Lucas Eggers

Wiesel: Bryson Baranek

Joseph Pulitzer: Logan Flynn

Bunsen: Jillaine Bischoff

Seitz: Pepper Selph

Hannah: Morela Gielincki

Snyder: Scarlett Hilzey

Pat/Bill: Manuel Lopez Tapia

Dorothy/Women: Maddi Cruz

Governor Teddy Roosevelt: Isaac Oprea

Police Chief: Mariah Livingston

Police Officers: Madysen Ulsen