TK New Teachers Ready for 2022-23 School Year

All the new teachers met before school starts with district officials to prepare for the coming year. They received an overview of the district, strategic plan and curriculum. They also received training from the technology department, so they’ll be ready to successfully use technology in the classrooms.

McCarthy and Assistant Superintendent Chris LaHaie both spoke briefly to the new teachers welcoming them to the district. In the afternoon, teachers were released to their respective buildings to meet with their mentors and continue preparing for the start of the year.

The new hires fill jobs opened by teachers moving to other areas, taking an extended leave of absence or retiring, as well as an additional four full-time new positions and one half-time new position within the district. Each new teacher is paired with a veteran TK teacher who serves as a  mentor in their building to help guide them through their first year in the district.

TK Director of Curriculum Kim Chausow said she was very pleased with the new hires. “New teacher orientation is always one of my favorite days. This year we have an exceptional group of new teachers supporting students across our district. We are so fortunate to have them as part of our educational team.”

New teachers in the TK district this year include:


  •       Emily Harper – Kindergarten
  •       Jenna DeYoung – Kindergarten
  •       Eliana Condotti – 1st Grade
  •       Alaina Brandt – 1st Grade


  •       Emma Johnson – 2nd Grade
  •       Becky Branch – Art Teacher


  •       Elise LaMore – Art Teacher
  •       Brooke Pell – 4th Grade
  •       Lindsay Ebeling – 4th Grade
  •       Sunday Bosworth – 4th Grade

Middle School

  •       Lindsey Hoaglund – Math
  •       Peter Lombardo – Math
  •       Kirstin Reigler – Resource Room
  •       Kara Lamberts – Intervention Teacher

High School

  •       Haley Misiewicz – CI Teacher
  •       Matt Lark – Special Education
  •       Taylor Cross – Special Education
  •       Jessica Broussard – English/Language Arts