Scholarships, Honors, Awards Recognize Outstanding TKHS Class of 2022

The awards included Matthew Middleton’s appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, and more than $65,000 in awards through 45 scholarships from Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation Craig Stolsonburg, President of TAEF, said the foundation began in 1992 with a one-time donation of $32,000. Now, 30 years later, the foundation oversees more than 40 different funds with total assets of approximately $2.5 million.


The following awards and scholarships were presented at the Honors Night or noted on the Honors Night program as awards from colleges and universities to students.


University of Michigan Award - Matthew Middleton and Haley Hamstra

This award is given to one male and one female from the upper one-third (scholastically) of the senior class. The criteria considered when selecting these students are:

  • Honesty
  • Willingness
  • Industry
  • Courtesy
  • Contribution to School
  • Sportsmanship
  • Initiative

The Barry County University of Michigan Alumni Club each year presents these students with a dictionary.

Henry J. Dugan Principal’s Award  - Mitchell  Corner

This award is intended to bring public recognition to a senior student who has earned the respect of his or her school and the community.  The recipient is not always an active participant in every school function but someone who demonstrates that they can contribute without hurting others and that they can succeed by helping others to succeed.

The following was considered when nominating this student:  school citizenship, academic excellence, peer respect, community service, involvement in co-curricular activities, and who quietly contributes to make his or her school a better place and who otherwise might not be publicly recognized for their effort.

Ray Page Service Award - Anna Benedict

This award is intended to bring recognition to a senior student who has contributed extra time and effort to help out when and where needed. The recipient isn’t necessarily a straight A or B student, but someone who always seems to be there when needed. We have many of these students who spend a lot of time helping out and we felt that a special “Service Award” should be given to the individual selected.

Scholastic Excellence Award - Matthew Middleton and Jacqueline Aguiar

Sgt. Zamora, Marine Corps representative for the area, presented the Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award. This award is intended to bring recognition to a senior student who demonstrates the qualities of an exemplary citizen, role model to younger students, traits of courage, poise, self confidence, and leadership.


TKEA Scholarship

$250 each to Michael Blair, Keanna Dudik, Trevor Hummer, Lane Kaminski, Abby Marcukaitis, Trinity Simon, Payton Wilkinson, Carson Woods, Grant Woods.

$750 -Ainsley Oliver

$1,000 - Rachel MacKellar

TKESP Scholarship

Nicholas Vreeland

Clay Hills Farm Scholarship

Parker Forman

GFWC - Gun Lake Women’s Club

Ainsley Oliver

Benjamin Hanson

Carson Woods

Jacqueline Aguiar

First Presbyterian Church Scholarship

Brianna Bachman

Robert Evans  Memorial Scholarship

Keanna Dudik

Lydia Cole Memorial

Nicholas Vreeland

Payton Wilkinson

Don & Catherine Williamson Scholarship

Camden Reynolds

Rotary Scholarships

Jacqueline Aguiar, Haley Hamstra, Ava Hess, Aundria Robbe, Paris Viviano

Thornapple Kellogg Alumni Association Scholarship

Christopher Sharrar

Jonah Schilthroat

HPS- Woody Wyngarden Scholarship

Rachel MacKellar

Samuel McKeown Memorial

Ainsley Olvier

Leah Luyk

Carson Woods

Eugene and Edena Hendrickson Scholarship

Alexander Harrington

Jocelyn Martin

Lois Ann Nagel Seppanen

Andrew Nathan

Julie Bender Women’s Athletic Scholarship

Anna  Benedict

Adele and Arnold Parker Scholarship

Ava Hess

Brian Appel Scholarship

Benjamin Hanson

Logan Michael Kimbrue Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Hanson

TK Class of 1957 Scholarship

Benjamin Hanson

Rodney and Rena Schad Memorial

Carson Woods

RKW Working Student

Daniel Beyer

Samuel McKeown Memorial

Daniel Beyer

Terri Yoder Scholarship

Eli Fliearman

Dan Dykstra Scholarship

Ella McFadden

Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force Youth

Grace McNabnay

Ray Page Scholar-Athletic Memorial

Grace McNabnay

Adam Dipp Scholarship

Grant Woods

Lorraine Dahlgren Memorial

Jacqueline Aguiar

Gerald and Lois Page Scholarship

Katy Raphael

Village Players of Middleville

Katy Raphael

Jody Helrigel Pratt Education Scholarship

Keanna Dudik

McCullough Family Scholarship

Keanna Dudik

Millicent Grace Knox Scholarship

Keanna  Dudik

John and Maxine Robertson Scholarship

Kendall Snyder

Jon and Kay Simpson Scholarship

Leah Luyk

Gerald and Ceta Williams Scholarship

Mitchell Corner

Thomas Hamilton Memorial

Nichoals Vreeland

Alecia Lorraine Holst Memorial

Rachel MacKellar

Dr. Wayne and Marie Finkbeiner Scholarship

Rachel MacKellar

Katherin and Edward Wieringa Scholarship

Rachel MacKellar

Middleville Women’s Club Scholarship

Rachel MacKellar

Thornapple Garden Club

Chase Dannenberg

 Tad Thatcher Scholarship

Rachel MacKellar

Lynn Helrigel Summers Scholarship

Talyn Cousineau


Lawrence Tech University of Engineering

Giberto Tejada III - two scholarships of $15,000 per year for four years for academics and football ($60,000 total award)

Concordia University, Nebraska

Augustine Abshagen - soccer athletic scholarship $7,000 per year for four years ($28,000) and academics $16,000 per year (66,000).

St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame, Indiana

Ava Hess - Madeleva Scholarship of $30,000 per year for four years ($120,000)

St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame, Indiana

Paris Viviano $32,000 per year for four years for the Dean’s Scholarship ($128,000)

Central Michigan University

Katlyn Raphael - CMU School of Music Talent Scholarship of $2,000 per year for four years ($8,000)

Davenport University

Evan Fabiano - Excellence Scholarship of $8,000 per year for four years ($32,000)

Central Michigan University

Ronald Simmons - Maroon and Gold Scholarship $5,906 per year for four years ($23,625)

University of Oregon

Peter Repins - APEX  Scholarship of $7,500 per year for four years ($30,000)

Gettysburg College

Lee Repins - Presidential Scholarship for $33,000 per year for four years ($132,000)

Cornerstone University

Keanna Dudik - $2,000 per year for four years ($8,000)

Keanna Dudik - $10,000 per year Cornerstone University Chancellor's Scholarship 

Cornerstone University

Sophia  Beckering - Presidential Scholarship of $12,000 per year for four years ($48,000)

Purdue University

Abby Marcukaitis - Swimming and Academic scholarship

Ferris State University

Jessica Durkee - Academic Scholarship and Track and Cross Country scholarship

Ferris  State University

Olivia Landry - Academic Scholarship

Anna Benedict - Community West Credit union Vern Hyde Scholarship and the Lake Michigan Competitive Cheer Officials Association Scholarship

Ferris State University Kendall College of Art & Design

Madeline Clark - Provost’s Scholarship of more than $20,000 over four years; Opportunity Ferris Cares Scholarship of $2,500 for one year; Bulldog Bonus Scholarship of $2,000 for one year

Ferris State University

Jessica Durkee - FSU Academic Scholarship and Track and Cross Country Scholarships

Ashleigh Scholten  received the Mary Sczcepanski Never Give Up MS Scholarship

Cleary University

Shayne Krystyniak Presidential and Athletic Scholarships



Christopher Smith earned his Boy Scout Eagle Award 

TKHS Senior Department Awards

Art Department Award

Art Award: Jacqueline Aguiar, Sophia Beckering, Ruby Frei, Elle Goudzwaard, Rylee Luft, Camden Reynolds, Kelsey Smith & Kendall Snyder

Business/Computer Sci Department Award

Business Award: Trevor Hummer

English Department Awards

Drama Award: Jennifer Logan, Madeline McCrumb, Ella McFadden, Zachary Ploeg, Lee Repins, Peter Repins & Paris Viviano

English Award: Jessica Durkee, Rachel MacKellar, Madeline McCrumb & Paris Viviano

Foreign Language Department Award

French Award: Leah Luyk, Aino Okko & Paris Viviano

Spanish Award: Rebecca Ferroglio, Sean Flynn, Shayne Krystyniak, Katelyn Linebaugh, Abigail Marcukaitis, Mieka McCormick, Grace McNabnay, Jocelynne Moore, Andrew Nathan, Kiah Nichols, Louis Ogrodzinski, Chloe Powers, Ashleigh Scholten, Christopher Smith, Kelsey Smith, Matthew Smith, Kendall Snyder, Ilona Tapper, Logan Westcott, Carson Woods

Math Department Award

Math Award: Haley Hamstra, Ryan MacKellar, Matthew Middleton, Andrew Nathan & Joshua Wedyke.

Science Department Award

Science Award: Heidi Church, Ryan MacKellar, Matthew Middleton & Andrew Nathan

Social Studies Department Award

Social Studies Award: Haley Hamstra

Technology Education Department Award

Technology Award: Garrett Forbes & Hunter Pitsch

Digital Media Department Award

Digital Media Awards: Korbin Curtis, Gavin Czarnecki, Ethan Evans, Tristan Faunce, Ava Hess, & Kailani Larson.

Student Council Awards

Anna Benedict, Mitchell Corner, Cassidy Dole, Keanna Dudik, Lane Kaminski, Jacob Swiderski & Paris Viviano

National Honors Society Awards

Jacqueline Aguiar, Eric Archer, Brianna Bachman, Nicholas Barton, Sophia Beckering, Anna Benedict, Daniel Beyer, Michael Blair, Amanda Bond, Nathan Burkhead, Morgan Chapin, Heidi Church, Mitchell Corner, Talyn Cousineau, Chase Dannenberg, Cassidy Dole, Keanna Dudik, Killian Dudley, Jessica Durkee, Evan Fabiano, Jacob Fetterley, Lily Foy, Ruby Frei, Paige Green, Allison Hess, Trysta Hilton, Robert Holler Jr, Trevor Hummer, Lane Kaminski, Shayne Krystyniak, Olivia Landry, Jennifer Logan, Leah Luyk, Rachel MacKellar, Ryan MacKellar, Abigail Marcukaitis, Mieka McCormick, Ella McFadden, Grace McNabnay, Matthew Middleton, Sydney Moerman, Jocelynne Moore, Andrew Nathan, Kiah Nichols, Louis Ogrodzinski, Ainsley Oliver, Skylar Peck, Lylla Peters, Chloe Powers, Maycie Rainer, Lee Repins, Peter Repins, Camden Reynolds, Aundria Robbe, Jonah Schilthroat, Ashleigh Scholten, Christopher Sharrar, Ronald Simmons, Trinity Simon, Kelsey Smith, Matthew Smith, Kendall Snyder, Jacob Swiderski, Zoey Thomas, Jaymes Thorne, Keith Van Putten, Paris Viviano, Joshua Wedyke, Carson Woods & Grant Woods.

Michigan Blood Awards

Jacqueline Aguiar & Nathan Burkhead

Honor Students

Seniors who have a G.P.A. of 3.98 and above are designated as Highest Honor Seniors and will be receiving a gold cord, seniors with a G.P.A. of 3.7 to 3.97 will be receiving a silver cord (High Honors), and seniors with a G.P.A. of 3.5 to 3.69 will receive a bronze cord (Honor). 

Highest Honors Seniors-G.P.A. of 3.98 and Higher (Gold Cord)

Jacqueline Aguiar

Amanda Bond

Heidi Church

Eva Dominguez Gil de Muro

Jessica Durkee

Evan Fabiano

Haley Hamstra

Robert Holler Jr

Lane Kaminski

Jennifer Logan

Rachel MacKellar

Ryan MacKellar

Abigail Marcukaitis

Mieka McCormick

Madeline McCrumb

Grace McNabnay

Matthew Middleton

Jocelynne Moore

Andrew Nathan

Louis Ogrodzinski

Aino Okko

Chloe Powers

Lee Repins

Aundria Robbe

Trinity Simon

Kelsey Smith

Kendall Snyder

Jacob Swiderski

Benjamin Trudell

Keith Van Putten

Paris Viviano

Nicholas Vreeland

Joshua Wedyke

Grant Woods

High Honors Seniors-G.P.A. of 3.7 to 3.97 (Silver Cord)-

Caleb Andrews

Eric Archer

Irene Argenta Laorga

Sophia Beckering

Anna Benedict

Daniel Beyer

Nathan Burkhead

Mitchell Corner

Talyn Cousineau

Cassidy Dole

Killian Dudley

Rebecca Ferroglio

Lily Foy

Conner Gleason-Stephens

Trysta Hilton

Trevor Hummer

Shayne Krystyniak

Katelyn Linebaugh

Rylee Luft

Ella McFadden

Sydney Moerman

Kiah Nichols

Skylar Peck

Lylla Peters

Maycie Rainer

Camden Reynolds

Jonah Schilthroat

Ashleigh Scholten

Ronald Simmons

Ilona Tapper

Gilberto Tejada III

Zoey Thomas

Jaymes Thorne

Abigail VanDenBroeck

Carson Woods

Honor Seniors-G.P.A of 3.5 to 3.69 (Bronze Cord)-

Brianna Bachman

Nicholas Barton

Michael Blair

Morgan Chapin

Madeline Clark

Kiera Conner

Chase Dannenberg

Keanna Dudik

Ethan Evans

Jacob Fetterley

Eli Fliearman

Sean Flynn

Garrett Forbes

Ruby Frei

Jack Geukes

Nacho Hervas Lereu

Allison Hess

Morgan Keller

Olivia Landry

Leah Luyk

Austin McCrumb

Adam Phillips

Ingrid Ramirez

Peter Repins

Christopher Smith

Matthew Smith

Jonah Summerhays

Reese Terpstra

Payton Wilkinson

2022 Top Ten (alphabetical)

Each year Thornapple Kellogg Schools recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of our top ten students. In recognition of their efforts, they will each receive a sash and a “top ten” plaque. Students are listed in alphabetical order. The top ten of the class of 2022 is:

Amanda Bond, Heidi Church, Evan Fabiano, Robert Holler Jr, Rachel MacKellar, Ryan MacKellar, Abigail Marcukaitis, Mieka McCormick, Matthew Middleton & Andrew Nathan

 Athletic Awards

OK Scholar Athlete

Sophia Beckering, Anna Benedict, Daniel Beyer, Mike Blair, Nathan Burkhead, Heidi Church, Mitchell Corner, Chase Dannenberg, Cassidy Dole, Keanna Dudik, Jessica Durkee, Sean Flynn, Lily Foy, Ruby Frei, Jack Geukes, Allison Hess, Trysta Hilton, Trevor Hummer, Lane Kaminski, Shayne Krystiniak, Olivia Landry, Rachel MacKellar, Abigail Marcukaitis, Mieka McCormick, Ella McFadden, Grace McNabnay, Matthew Middleton, Sydney Moerman, Drew Nathan, Kiah Nichols, Skylar Peck, Chloe powers, Camden Reynolds, Aundria Robbe, Jonah Schilthroat, Ronald Simmons, Kelsey Smith, Matthew Smith, Kendall Snyder, Jonah Summerhasy, Gil Tejada, Zoey Thomas, Jaymes thorne, Ben Trudell, Paris Viviano, Nick Vreeland, Joshua Wedyke, Payton Wilkinson, Carson Woods, Grant Woods

6-Plus Varsity Letter Athletes

Katelyn Baumgartner, Quintin Carr, Tristen Cross, Kenny Krul, Ainsley Oliver

OK Scholar Athlete and 6-Plus Varsity Letters

Anna Benedict, Jessica Durkee, Ruby Frei, Matthew Middleton, Kiah Nichols, Camden Reynolds, Aundria Robbe, Matthew Smith, Kendall Snyder, Gil Tejada, Zoey Thomas, Jaymes Thorne, Payton Wilkinson

Tri-Sport Athletes

Anna Benedict, Quintin Carr, Tristen Cross, Jack Geukes, Kiah Nichols, Aundria Robbe, Matthew Smith, Zoey Thomas, Jaymes Thorne, Payton Wilkinson

TKHS Athletes of the Year

Matthew Middleton

Anna Benedict