TK Students are Mighty Successful at State MITES Competition

MITES, which stands for Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society, is an annual statewide competition bringing regional award winners to compete for state honors at the Lansing Convention Center.

TKHS Engineering teacher Scott Meyers said he had 86 projects in the regional competition with a record 66 advancing to the state competition. The state honors included five first-place honors and one divisional honor meaning it was the best project in its Division. That project was prepared by Jacob Swiderski.

Other first place winners were Garrett Forbes and Daniel Beyer with two first-place projects. Two other students, Hope Vander Heide and Lizzy Middleton, also received first place in their division in the first-ever live CAD competition.

“The kids were really interested in working on these projects this year,” said Meyers. “They haven’t had this opportunity for the last two years and I think they were just excited to work on them.”

Meyers said he has two junior students who are already working at Bradford White after school in their CAD/Engineering area. “It’s a great opportunity for them,” he said.

Matt Melvin teaches the wood projects, sending 18 projects to the state MITES contest with Madelyn Labelle bringing home a first-place prize for her bow. Many students work throughout the year on their projects.

Woodworking students with state projects and state honors are:

Madelyn Labelle: 1st

Hunter Pitsch: 4th

Bryce Cooper: 4th

Devin Jenkins: 10th

Group Project: Jacob Crowder and Mike Smith: 4th

Group Project: Alivia Raak, Grace Zube, and Hope Vander Heide: 2nd

Group Project: Hayden Chatman and Grant Middleton: 2nd

Group Project: Caiden Strait and Juan Aguiar: 3rd

Honorable Mention: Adam Gunnink, Lukas Linkfield, Ashton Nichols, Savannah Rehfeldt, Mason Cross, Hayden Chatman, Skylyr Davis-Dunn, Kenny Simon

Engineering Projects Earning State Awards

Architectural Drawing

Sara Willshire:  9th

Emma Burton: 10th

Clayton Sines: 8th

Carson Woods: 10th

Danny Sanders: 9th

Emma Burton: 6th

Adam Phillips: 5th

Clayton Sines: 8th

Morgan Chapin: 7th

Ainsley Parsons: 2nd

Ainsley Parsons: 4th

Jacob Swiderski: 4th

Honorable Mention: Adam Phillips, Sara Willshire, Morgan Chapin, Seth Bainbridge, Danny Sanders, Seth Bainbridge, Carson Woods, Landon Ritsema, Morgan Chapin

Mechanical Drawing

Benjamin Hanson: 3rd

Hunter Rehfeldt: 2nd

Daniel Beyer: 1st

Hope Vander Heide: 3rd

Hope Vander Heide: 3rd

Jaymes Thorne: 8th

Carson Woods: 3rd

Daniel Beyer: 1st

Jaymes Thorne: 8th

Daniel Beyer: 7th

Anna Davis: 10th

Lizzy Middleton: 2nd

Carson Woods: 8th

Conner Gleason-Stephens: 7th

Hope Vander Heide: 3rd

Anna Davis: 4th

Grant Woods: 6th

Jacob Swiderski: 2nd

Hunter Pitsch: 5th

Daniel Beyer: 3rd

Logan Westcott: 4th

Daniel Beyer: 2nd

Hunter Rehfeldt: 10th

Daniel Beyer: 8th

Jacob Swiderski: 1st and District Champion

Honorable Mention: Killian Dudley, Alejandro Rodas, Conner Gleason-Stephens, Elijah Webster, Hunter Rehfeldt, Hope Vander Heide, Logan Westcott, Hope Vander Heide, Jack Geukes, Jacob Swiderski, Conner Gleason-Stephens, Benjamin Hanson, Conner Gleason-Stephens, Anna Davis.

Open Division

Garrett Forbes: 1st

Garrett Forbes: 2nd

Jack Geukes: 3rd