TKHS Students Use English Project to Thank Veterans

The pair of juniors took on the project as an extension of an English assignment called “A Problem Worth Solving.” In the assignment, students had to identify a problem and at least nine possible solutions that could help. The pair then went above and beyond with the assignment, identifying a solution they wanted to actually carry out. 

Burkhead said she really wanted to educate younger students. Together, they prepared a slide presentation  to talk about who a veteran is and what they have done. Then they gained permission from teachers at Page and Lee to come and talk with their students. 

“We told the students about the different branches of the military and what purpose a veteran has and why they are important,” said Burkhead.

After the discussion with the younger students, the high schoolers presented templates of thank you cards for the younger students to color and write their own note inside. 

“They seemed very excited about doing this and very appreciative of veterans,” said Hoffman.

The completed thank you cards were delivered to the Caledonia American Legion Post with instructions to hand them out to veterans and especially those veterans who may need a reminder that they are appreciated or need a word of encouragement.

“I felt pretty good about doing this,” said Burkhead. “Our project actually worked and we were able to get it done. I think the kids really enjoyed doing it and learning about veterans and I hope the veterans enjoy the cards.”

“I hope the veterans who receive the cards feel appreciated and not ignored or forgotten,” said Hoffman.

Many of the younger students wrote jokes inside the cars along with their words of thanks and appreciation. “I hope the cards put smiles on their faces,” said Burkhead.

““I feel pretty good about what we did,” said Hoffman. “It was definitely worth the extra effort.”

Both girls said they have relatives who are veterans. “Both my grandfathers, and a cousin are all veterans,” said Burkhead.


“I grew up in a house where we talked about veterans and I knew what it meant. Not every kid has that background or knows anything about veterans,” said Hoffman whose grandfathers served.


Both Hoffman and Burkhead are active outside of school. Burkhead is a member of the Michigan Longbow Association and has been shooting archery since she was very young. She also is a member of the track and field team and admits she has a reading addition. Hoffman works many hours, especially in the spring, at Creekside Growers.