Seniors Gather for Last First Day of High School

“We just thought it would be a good way to get the senior class connected and get back together with friends after summer. It’s just kind of a great way to start the year,” said Mitchell Corner, one of the TK Student Council members who helped organize the event.

Student Council advisor Liz Ritsema said she was pleased with the number of seniors who came early to join in the event. “We didn’t know how many would show up, but I think it was a pretty good turnout.”

Students spread blankets and towels out on the turf to sit, catch up with friends and watch the sun come up. Small clusters of friends were dotted across the football field long before other high school students even arrived for the start of the new year.

Senior parents served donuts, muffins, hot cocoa and other treats to the early risers. A red carpet led seniors to special photo backdrops to commemorate the start of their special year.

Corner said Student Council members were looking for ideas to begin the year and this seemed like something different and simple enough to do. At the end of the school year, seniors plan to gather again in Bob White Stadium to watch a final sunset marking the end of their high school years.