Birthday Treat Helps Keep Classmates Warm

With Zak’s sixth birthday approaching, he and his mom decided to give a special gift to his classmates at McFall Elementary.  Rather than surprise them with a treat, they decided to make mittens for his classmates in Mrs. Dahlberg's kindergarten class so everyone could have warm hands.

“He’s got a big heart,” said Theresa of her son. “He loves helping people.”

Zak couldn’t find the words to say how giving the mittens to his classmates made him feel, but the smile on his face seemed to say it all. As he handed each friend a bag filled with a pair of mittens and a note, his smile got bigger and bigger.

He picked out a shade of blue for all the mittens made out of double-lined fleece material.  For his teacher, Mrs. Dahlberg and McFall Principal Jon Washburn, he had special red-colored mittens of the same material.

Zak said he likes playing outside in the snow but wants to stay warm. A little note inside each gift to his classmates read, “Because you warm my heart, here is something to warm your hands. From  Zak.”  The back of the card reads, “Friend, thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.”

Zak said he likes dinosaurs, Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels and playing soccer in addition to playing outside in the snow with warm mittens on his hands!