TK Transportation Information 2019-2020

The transportation letter with all of your student’s routing information will be going out on August 1, 2019. We will only be making changes for the 2019/2020 school year until August 9, 2019, so it is imperative that you fill out the Transportation Information Form immediately if you need changes. If you do not make the necessary changes to your transportation information until after August 9, 2019, please keep in mind it will not be effective until the second week of school (August 26, 2019). We will not be making exceptions for the August 9, 2019, cut off date this year. Please understand that we have in excess of 3,000 students and routing all of them is a very time-consuming task. 

Please note, any home address changes should be made directly through your student’s school building.

Any families living out of district may use TK busing. Students will need to be assigned to the nearest “out of district group stop location.” We are not able to create a new bus stop for out of district students.

All elementary students must have an Elementary Student Drop Off Without Parent/Guardian Present form filled out for your student to get off the bus without a parent present. You may request one from your bus driver the first week of school or click on the link above. Please note, a new waiver must be signed every year.

If your student has any medical issues you feel we need to be aware of, please fill out the Student Information Form.

All forms can be filled out and emailed to, brought to the transportation table at your student’s open house, or handed to your student’s bus driver anytime after the start of school.

Your child’s safety is our greatest concern. For that reason, we have a “One Stop One Drop” policy. This means parents/guardians will identify a single location for pick up and drop off every day. The morning pick up location and the afternoon drop off location may be different locations, however, the schedule must be consistent with one pick up location and one drop off location for the entire week. This policy is in effect for all students at all grade levels. It is also important to note that students may only ride their assigned bus.

Please remember we do not allow students to get off at a stop that they are not assigned to. If they are going to a friend’s house they will need to find alternate means of transportation. We will not be accepting emails or handwritten notes for your student to get off with another student even if they ride the same bus.

Thank you for helping us keep your student safe.


Kurt Rabley                                                                                                                

Transportation Director