Thornapple Kellogg School District

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TK Board Member Earns Highest Honor

"We're very proud of board members who use their valuable time to improve their leadership effectiveness by completing board development courses," said Don Wotruba, Executive Director of the MASB in a press release.

The award is only presented to school board members who have completed seven levels of certification.

Smith has served the TK Board of Education for 25 years. He is currently the vice president of the board and served many years as the president of the board.

The President's Award recognizes Smith for completing seven levels of professional development and training. It is an accomplishment and commitment requiring hours of classroom training to improve their leadership skills and become more effective school leaders. It is a demonstration of their commitment to student achievement and their own continuous improvements.

School board members must stay up-to-date on trends and issues facing school districts. One way they are able to do this is through the professional training classes offered through the Michigan Association of School Boards. Last year, more than 800 school board members statewide participated in professional development programs for elected school leaders.

"David Smith has been an active leader and a wealth of knowledge on our Board of Education for many years. His commitment and drive to continue his professional development and achieve this MASB  status say a great deal about the type of leader he is and his commitment to TK Schools. We're very proud of his service to our district," said TK Superintendent Rob Blitchok.

To achieve Level One and become “certified,” board members receive 30 hours of classroom training in subjects ranging from school law and finance to community relations. Higher levels of recognition require even more coursework, service and leadership responsibilities.

Levels of Certification/Awards
Level 1 – Certified Board member Award: Nine 100-level CBA classes
Level 2 – Award of Merit: Level 1 plus 45 education credits
Level 3 – Award of Distinction: Levels 1 and 2, four advanced level CBA classes and 208 education credits
Level 4 – Master Board Member Award: Levels 1-3, nine advanced level CBA classes and 368 education credits
Level 5 – Master Diamond Award: Levels 1-4, fourteen advanced level classes and 528 education credits
Level 6 – Master Platinum Award: Levels 1-5, nineteen advanced level classes and 813 education credits
Level 7 – President’s Award of Recognition: Levels 1-6, twenty-nine advanced level CBA classes and 1,383 education credits