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Keep Updated on Construction Progress

Keep up to date with the latest TK construction progress by visiting the "About TK" tab on this page and look in the "Construction Update" link. Project managers with Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. have created a blog where they will post updates on the projects. You can also access their site at
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Service Learning Starts Early at Lee Elementary

Service learning isn't a typical kind of second grade assignment, but it is a project that left students feeling good about themselves and able to do something to help others. Second graders braided old t-shirt strips into dog toys for the humane society, colored papers to decorate chemotherapy bags for DeVos Children's Hospital, and decorated and filled plain brown paper bags with items for the homeless.
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Students Embrace After School "Magic"

There's a little bit of magic happening weekly after school in George Dudik's Thornapple Kellogg High School classroom. It's not the kind of magic with hocus pocus or pulling rabbits out of hats. "Magic" is a kind of fantasy, trading card game popular with many students and adults
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Village Players donate Buddy Benches

All three elementary schools now have Buddy Benches thanks to recent donations by the Village Players of Middleville to Page and McFall schools. Lee received their bench more than a year ago and principal Angela Jefferson said it's working well. The idea is simple. If a child is feeling lonely or doesn't have anyone to play with, they can find a seat on the Buddy Bench. Other students will see them there and know they are looking for a friend. Mike Bremer and Doug Brinks, both members of the Village Players, presented a skit to students to demonstrate how the Buddy Benches work. "When you see someone on the Buddy Bench, open up your heart and be a friend," said Bremer.
A big thank you to the Village Players for donating the benches to Page and McFall.
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