Thornapple Kellogg School District

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Lee librarian shows students some of the fun books available at the school library.
TKMS students practice measuring liquids and solids.
A group of TKHS seniors spell out
Students proudly sport their TK colors at the homecoming game.
TK Trojan mascot leads cheers at the student section.
Soccer players show their team spirit before the home coming game.
TKHS students wear their shark head pieces to go with their float in the homecoming parade.
Elementary students learn to float as part of their swim lessons.
A bright rainbow arcs over the TK Middle and High school area.
Middle School students get a glimpse of the solar eclipse.
Two young boys wait in line for the bounce house.
An aerial night view of the TKHS Bob White football stadium shows it all lit up during a game.
The Middle School band participates in the village Memorial Day parade.
This aerial view shows the TK Middle School, soccer fields, tennis courts and surrounding areas.
TK staff create a giant
McFall students explore their school during their open house.
Young TK fans wait for the parade to start.
The TK Middle School band performs their first concert of the year.
Five distinguished TK alumni receive honors before the homecoming game.
Future TK football players show their muscles in their Trojan football shirts.

TK News

Challenged Students Find Freedom on Horseback

A special needs student finds freedom riding a horse.

Five-year-old Desi Golnek – fitted in a riding helmet - sat astride Scooter, with volunteer David Drombowski holding the horse's bridle and Thornapple Kellogg paraprofessional Suzanne Thomas on the right. "Walk on," said Desi with a happy giggle. Slowly they walked, circling the arena while dodging blue traffic cones. With each step, Desi worked to stay upright, keep his eyes forward, his hands on the reins, his mind focused. Of course, the coolness factor couldn't be ignored. "This is cool," he said.

TK Sees Enrollment Increases

Thornapple Kellogg School District student enrollment is increasing. According to the unofficial numbers from the state's fall count day in October, the district has 68 more students than a year ago. The district count was 3,314 students this fall compared to 3,066 in 2016.

From Schoolyard Garden to School Plate

By Jaye Beeler for School News Network - At the middle school, a learning garden designed by resource room teacher Amanda Forman hums along with flat-leaf parsley, Thai basil and burpless cucumber, which is a nearly seedless, sweeter and thinner-skinned variety than typical supermarket cukes.


School News Network
All Districts - Plenty of books in the house. Nightly story time. Exposure to words, words and more words. Those are three components that help a child develop reading skills from birth on, and the more a child reads the better in correlates with achievement.

Heat drives homecoming outside

TKHS moved their homecoming dance outside on the football field when temperatures inside the gym reached 99 degrees before the dance even started.

MIDDLEVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The heat Saturday nearly claimed another victim Saturday, Thornapple-Kellogg High School’s homecoming dance.
Some creative thinking by school officials saved the day and created a unique experience that may become part of local

TK Homecoming is a Hot Success

The student section was full at the TK Homecoming game.

Temperatures soared into the 90s, but families still lined the homecoming parade route, joined in the tailgate festivities and filled the stands for the football game.

Distinguished TK Alumni Honored

Five distinguished Thornapple Kellogg High School alumni were honored by the Alumni Association at the Homecoming game.

Five distinguished Thornapple Kellogg High School alumni were honored during Friday night's homecoming game in a tradition the Alumni Association plans to continue every year. Honorees this year are Robert Wenger, Robert Bender, Sharon Myers Schondelmayer, Don Williamson and Bill Rich.

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