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Welcome to Thornapple Kellogg Virtual School!
Thornapple Kellogg Virtual School (9th - 12th grade) 2022-2023
Thornapple Kellogg Virtual School Registration (9th - 12th grade) for the 2022-2023 school year is closed.  If you feel that TKVS is a viable option for your student please email Amy Forman at [email protected]New and current students may be denied the option of virtual learning if they have had past learning struggles. Upon approval to learn virtually the student's parents or guardian will be sent a TKVS Learning Contract form to complete in PowerSchool.  
Thornapple Kellogg offers our 9 - 12 students an alternative learning environment other than the traditional in-person setting. The program we are offering is Edgenuity Courseware for our grades 9 - 12 students. This program offers engaging, content-rich, standards-aligned courses where the student's work time is flexible around the student, the parent, or the entire family's schedule.  
Each TKVS student will be assigned a certified TK teacher who will assist by monitoring student progress and attendance, guide the student through the online curriculum, offer support when needed, and communicate with the student and their parent/guardian. Additional interventions and other educational supports will also be available to students as needed. The student will need to commit to at least one full semester of TKVS once they decide to enroll. 
For more information, please contact:
HS Assistant Principal 
Amy Forman
[email protected]
Thornapple Kellogg Virtual School
Thornapple Kellogg Virtual School
Middleville, MI
For technology questions, please call 269-795-5430