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Matt Funk, Transportation Supervisor

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 Thornapple Kellogg Schools Transportation 
          3625 Bender Rd., Middleville, MI  49333


Welcome back to school! We are looking forward to serving your transportation needs. Your child's safety is our greatest concern. For the safety of all children, we have a "One Drop Location" policy. This means parents/guardians will identify a single location where you want your child dropped off every day. This must be one location and the same one for every day of the school year. This policy is in effect for all students at all grade levels. We will route your student to and from your home address unless we hear from you. Please contact us if you have any questions at 269-795-5540.

 In an effort to reduce the risk of dropping a student off at the wrong destination and to minimize the overcrowding on a bus, all students must ride home on their assigned bus.  This policy has caused some frustration to parents and students; however it is helping to reduce the number of changes and therefore increasing safety.  Thank you to all our parents for adhering to this policy. 

PLEASE!  No items larger than your backpack allowed on the bus.  No skateboards, snowboards, tents, pillows, or large fund raiser boxes. 



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