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Matt Funk, Transportation Supervisor

Lisa Finkbeiner, Secretary

KISD (Special Education) 
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Thornapple Kellogg Schools Transportation 
          3625 Bender Rd., Middleville, MI  49333

(Scroll down to complete the Transportation Information On-line Form)


We are excited to have your child enrolled in the Thornapple Kellogg School District. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you by transporting the most precious cargo we could ever carry.

Your child’s safety is our greatest concern. For the safety of all children, we have a “One Drop Location” policy. This means parents/guardians will identify a single location where you want your child dropped off at every day. This must be one location and the same one for every day of the school year. This policy is in effect for all students at all grade levels.

Please review the following information carefully. A link to the Transportation Information Form is at the bottom of this information.

You DO need to complete this form for the 2014/2015 school year if:

*2014 is the first year your student will be attending TK (including new Y5 or kindergarten students).
*Your student will not be riding the bus.
*Your student will be picked up or dropped off someplace other than your home address.

You DO NOT need to complete this form if:

*Your student will be riding the bus to and from home every day (unless you have a Young 5's or Kindergarten student who was not enrolled last year). We will automatically route your student for transportation.
*Your student requires special ed busing. Please contact Kim Dannenberg at 269-795-5571 in the special ed office to make those arrangements.

Pick Up/Drop Off Location
Students will be assigned to a single drop off each day. We will not be able to accommodate any special requests. You may choose a different pick up from drop off; however, this should be consistent each day (e.g., pick up is daycare M-F and drop off is home M-F). The drop off may not change each day.

Health Concerns
We are also concerned about any health issues your child may have. It is very helpful to know these in advance so the Transportation Department and the bus driver can be prepared for your child.

With your help, we will be able to make the transition from school to home as smooth as possible for your child. Please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Thank you,

Matt Funk, Transportation Supervisor -  (269) 795-5540


We look forward to serving your transportation needs!

PLEASE!  No items larger than your backpack allowed on the bus.  No skateboards, snowboards, tents, pillows, or large fund raiser boxes. 



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